Excerpts from radio speeches by Alan Watt

Worldwide people just don't know what's going on. They really have no idea.
Again, the public get the bits from the media, but not much at all.
The people just don't think deeply on anything:
- At one hand we are trained to behave and also to act as if "NOTHING CONCERNS US AT ALL".
- On the other hand, the big problems in life exceed our imagination, or we simplify or we brand everything as being fantasy.
And daily we are getting bombarded with trivia, entertainment and distractions, not to talk about the mini crisis in our own lifes.
Coincidence? No! Deliberately we are kept incrementally in a state of fear. In our personal lifes that would be for example the fear of loosing the job, or the fear of some kind of loss. 

It's good enough for the broad majority of the public. 
They cannot imagine anyone conning them on such a scale; the big lie. 
They can understand the small politician or any politician getting himself to the honeypot and filling his pockets, "the small lie". 
But they cannot understand the big lie; no one would do that. 
No one would possibly trying to get away with that. 
And that's why it works! It's so simplistic in this methodology. 

Look at the people they call primitives, the ones they call "arested developments", who are really survivalists.
They don't need the world, they don't need what man makes in commerce. They make everything themselves.
They will look up and fight you if you try to take over their land and change them. 
They are natural. They are wild men.
We are supposed to be wild, for survival sake. When we don't do that, we are being domesticated and conquered.

The whole art of government is deception, in order to govern. 
They never tell the public what they really are up to. 
Most of the general public today still haven't a clue that when the United Nations (U.N.O.) Charter in 1946 
has been signed, each prime minister and president of the countries that signed, 
signed away the sovereignty of their nations. That's a fact. 

Bad news will always come along and
the most you can do is take what it's relevant, what is not so relevant
to you and prepare day by day, week by week and so on for yourself and
those that you love basically, to get through bad times. That's the
best you can honestly do. Because we are up against the most organized
system that has ever existed on planet earth. Totally integrated with
each other through academia, through countless
thinktank foundations and organizations, all working with the
and we don't put the government officials into power, the big boys do.
See, democracy never ever existed; there was a great CON while it

START Alan Watt - September 4 2009

We are talking about how things will never be the same again, you see,
the big boys and all the different scientists and scientific
professions into sociology and so on had really claimed in the 19th and
20th century that the old ways of doing things were just the leftovers
of bygone orders of religion.
Things like marriages and having children and people having the rights to decide of what they want to do
in life etc., was just too "untidy". And they wanted to bring in a
planned society and that really is the reason they brought out Charles
Darwin. They wheeled him out to the right time. Darwin himself was no
genius; he came from a lineage whose grandfather had even written a
book about evolution and the rest of the stuff he simply took from

But it was the Royal Society, the High
Freemasonic that used the sciences; it's still very big today: if you
want to get anywhere in sciences you have to be a member - and a
masonic member, by the way, because you are sworn to secrecy - it's
them who picked Darwin to be the champion for this new phase. There
would be a phase, it was the right time to bring it in, to put the last
nail on the coffin of religions.

And therefore the age of reason was to
truely start to prevail. It was also mean, a gap would be left. The
public - the "masses", if you like - had always had some ideal to
follow whether it was religious or a philosphic idea.</span> 
And in religion too, I include Marxism, it was definitely a believe
system if you truely understand it. And it came from a man, whose
father was a Rabbie. So he really transposed a very old religion into
Marxism, which became communism. And it's no coincidence that the exact
same goals of communism match up with the goals of the pope of
freemasonry, "Albert Pike" who trained many people including "Mazzini"
who took over him to start the world revolutionary party and then after
that given to a man called "Lenin" and we all know what happened there.

All tied together you see because these people truely thought who the
philosophies. They were ultimately really enlightened; they were way
past the supersticion as they call 'em, of religions allthough they would use religion to bring in a new age. That's why the scottish rite of freemasonry was called the new age back in the 1950s and they said they would bring in to the public the new age the new religion.
This has been repeated by Gorbatshov and other who on one hand they admitted they were atheists, but then they would bring in a religion for the public for the world, the world's public which will be based on a form of "earth-warship", environmentalism, you see?
The land-army as it was called a long time ago. This big "green army" is part of that
earth-type religion, comprising of scientists at the top, ...the new
priesthood, and all the gulible followers at the bottom, that live in
cities and watch television and think that forests are something that
you stroll through like a parks in the cities. You actually don't need
a machete to get through something, up here and elsewhere.

But everything has been accomplished,
the nails on so many of the old they called the vestiges of old
societies behind them and now we are in the planned society, all we
have to do now is convince the public to allow themselves to be guided
and ruled by the experts and all the different departments of
government and that's the new daddy you see, and Mommy as well. 

Lord Bertrand Russell was given royal
ascend to start up the first educational schools to go beyond what
everybody has tried before through because of legal reasons and he did
experiment with children in mixed schools - male and female, very young
age - many of them coming from orphanages, that no one would ask what
was going on. And he did try to encourage pre-pubertal sexual contact
between them before puberty so that they would follow them then on for
a few years to see if they would bond to someone during this time to
the opposite sex. And they found ... it's hard for them to bond with a
single person from then on!

That's why the United Nation's big
front for the New World Order, ... pushing all this strange stuff like
teaching children at kindergarden to masturbate in front of everybody
else. That's no kidding; not just telling them to masturbate, but is to
be like group-masturbation. You see, for the new society; we are so
enlightened now that all perversions have got a jump-up on the old
fashioned ways of having morality and stuff like that in common sense.
Because you must destroy all the old - ORDO AB CHAO - to bring in the
new, all of the old, you see, and all of the old morality are simply
vestiges and taboos of previous civilizations.

And we allow ourselves to be
experimented with. Because that's our purpose now it's to be the old
idea of creating the superman began in Britain. Hitler copied just so
much of what was written in Britain including Lord Halford's stuff on
geopolitics and so on; and the problems with races that all came from
Britain, is all designed in London by a very wealthy elite, and must
never think that the wealthy elites are somehow stupid, as portraied
them in a lot of movies, a sort of bungling aristocrats. 
They are anything but stupid. 
And what they don't understand, they'll hire the
experts to understand for them. Lots of cash can do that. As many
thinktanks as you wish. 

One of the founders of the fabian societiy,
Lord George Bernard Shaw, who talked about creating the superman, you
see: that humanity was simply imperfect, especially the masses. He was
looking at the masses mind you, that was coming out of an industrial
aera where they were literally stunted in growth because of
malnourishment and tremendous hours of work, 16 hours a day; and to his
mind it seemed to be too many of them. Just too many of them littering
the city's landscape. And they wanted to get rid of them, you see: So
the best way to do was to create a socialist society where under the
guise of socialism and we are here to help you at the bottom you would
eventually allow these organizations, these health authorities and
various other authorities, childrens aid, etc., and medical
authorities, to come in and start ordering about. 

And if neccessary,
stearilizing you. You wanted that, right? - that a board would be set
up to decide who could mate and who could not mate and who should be
stearilized. That was the beginning of the great fabian society, that
was simply one arm of the royal institute for international affairs,
also called the "Council on Foreign Relations". 

Thats their
organization that prime ministers and presidents - when something has
happened, that the public have gotten wind of, or they've done
something wrong - the presidents and prime ministers must go and
explain themselves before they would go and tell the public their lies.

So the world is very, very different
from one that we think of. And understanding this, this all came out
from the Marxist period, the term "the masses". You are not the people
anymore, you are just the "masses". You are either part of the elite or
you are the masses, you see?. In between you have this white courted
expert area... You are numbers, and therefore you are getting
mass-treatment for everything. 

And under every mass-treatment there
will always be a certain amount of people who - because of the
different physiology, like different gene type - will have bad
reactions to things like inoculations. They know this, they even know
the quota roughly in advance; of who will come down with stuff
immediately, who will come down with crippling deseases over the years.
If that happens, "you have bad genes", you see: has nothing to do with
the virus, and so on ...

We are living in an age where the
experts rule us all. Aldous Huxley talked about it to Julian, his
brother. These guys knew what was going on; they WERE part of the
aristocracy, they talked in all the big thinktanks that planned the
future right down to the present and what's to come up. And they never
changed their plans, once they made them. But he said there would be a
dictatorship or even a plutocracy, he said it rather be a scientific
dictatorship, well that's what you are under now!
If you study in it..., Plato studied this, I mean he knew it too:
Domesticated animals ... even if its just ... a fenced-off field, and
even if the grassing gets low they still stay in that area because the
wildness has been taken out of them through special breeding.

The big boys' problem was how to do it
without making breed us specially, and they came up with the ideas on
doing it in the food, injections, ... and Arthur Koestler said we will
actually attack their brains through bio-warfare means, by injections
or putting something in the water or their food. Well they have been
doing all of that plus the heavy indoctrination through schooling.

So most folk don't have a chance, to be honest with you. 
Those who have woken up, generally wake up to only
one part of it; and they can't go up the ladder, because there is a
different realm for any new part of it.

As I say, it isn't until you have read
so much and you have confirmed what you have read; and than you see -
"My God, there is one more step to go..." and that is ... we are way
beyond getting the flag back or whatever people think they are after.
We are way beyond even in getting life back and we are all getting to
realize, "yes they had been killing us off and they have been
stearilizing us all along. And that's we have so many problems today in
the western world. 

One of the fastest growing industries, apart from
injections from pharma, is that fertility clinics is one of the fastest
growing industries because of the massive infertility problems of the
people living in the west. That's not by coincidences by our longterm
strategy of warfare on the public. 
Obviously you cannot tell your target if you do a covert war, 
because you would have incredible riots.
We have seen their end products of it, we have seen the effects of
obesity and massive diabetics has broken out, because of the GMO foods
and all the oils they are taking etc. the body can't handle. But they
know this at the top. They knew this would happen before this stuff was
given to the public. There is no doubt about it. It is not until you
get up to the last point of the ladder, and see they HAVE been doing
it, that you have again another incredible life-shuttering experience
of realization.

... and you are beyond all the little
social groups down below you, fighting for different little parts that
they want to hang on to...you get way beyond that. You realize that
this is the most horrific planned perfected war in history and it's a
war against the population of the planet. Those who have not risen to
the heights of incredible wealth inter-generationally and that's what
the great economists who work with Britain, said, there were two types,
those who made it and those who had the junk genes basically that's all
the masses, and this is the time to bring down the masses while we are
still productive, mind you !?

And they plan it, they plan in
drastically reducing the populations, and training them. And if they
have been trained most of them just to go get their shots and then come
down with their crippling deseases, because they want us now to die off
faster. That's what he said, that's what Julian Huxley said too. We
ought stop thinking about healthcare and thinking about deathcare,
stopping people from living so long at the bottom because they are
basically "useless eaters". These are their own words and we are living
through that. So when you realize yet you are living in a planned hell
and since obviously you are not up at the top, you are one of those at
the bottom, a 'casualty' whose life is just irrelevant to those who
rule the world; scientifically, they call it.

You see, this is the worst war, the
biggest war that has ever been planned, long-long-term planning and
very [much] is done by stealth and they have pretty well destroyed that
part of the brain that makes you YOU as Mr. Koestler said himself; that
they were trying to do with different chemical and viral means. That's
what innoculations are designed to do... and become domesticated once
is happened; that part of the brain is literally destroyed. And you are
now a happy little socialist, where experts deal with you and dictate
policy and you obey.

[Talks about swine flu scare after a conversation with a caller:]
...And that's how it is folks: They put up these little life viruses;
they watch how it goes through the public, they mention it on the news
and it keeps us all conscious of something out there in the public and
then they monitor it all to see how it works because it could
eventually be a real pandemic and of course there is always a danger
you see that the ones they put out in these MOCK ones these more
harmless older flus might mutate into something more deadly so they can
play with this ... and that's okay, you see. We are being conned and
trained again...through terror and fear, to comply with big brother.
How much has changed since 911? There are children now who have never
known what it was like before 911 growing up; and in 10 years they will
be wearing the black outfits with the machine guns on the streets. And
with the indoctrination they have had, you'll think it's all quite
normal. And you are so out of it; you are TOO antiquated to know
better, therefore you'll do what you are told by the butt of the rifle.
That's how it will be; very shortly, and that's not by chance either...
END Alan Watt - September 4 2009

START Alan Watt - September 11 2009
... the 1950s, they found out why the big tax exempt foundations ...,
like the Rockefeller foundations, Ford and Carnegie, were funding what
seemed to be communistic movements within the U.S. and across Europe
and Senator Norman Dodd was told ... their job was to change the
culture so much in the west especially in the U.S., that eventually
down the road, which is now, they would blend the two systems together
the sovietized system with that of the western societies cultures.
<font face="Verdana" size="5">And that is really what the New World
Order is. And today they call it "Public Private". Rather call it

See, Fascism is all the same;
Communism, Fascism, Socialism: It's all the same. And there is a
minority at the top, who runs the state and business basically. So
"Public Private" partnerships are the same thing where the people the
public pay for infrastructure for building essential institutions of
energy supply as roads and so on, you pay for the maintenance etc., and
the company that's given to for peanuts for pennies in a preordained
auction, gets all the profits: that's all it is.

So, it's very similar you see to the sovietized system and now 
of course we have agencies and
governmental and nongovernmental agencies that are simply given the
rights as institutions to rule over the public: "Childrens Aid" was
actually a Charity and now it has official backing. They are coming
with SWAT teams behind them to steal children,... if their parents are
politically incorrect.

Now Aldous Huxley, the brother of
Julian Huxley...he wrote "Brave New World" in the 1930s where he
predicted in his novel -not purely science fiction- because he knew the
genetic engineering would eventually create the perfect types of
slaves, back in the 1930s. How is that,..because he was born into a
very prestigous family, aristocrats going all the way back to Darwin,
they were very closely associated with Darwin and actually related to
him as well. And they were all in the top thinktanks and participated
in top thinktanks to do with projecting the future of the world not
guessing the projectings - it's like guys in the navy getting together
on the maps and projecting where they want to go and where they want to
be in 6 month time a years time etc. this place around the world
halfway around the world,... wherever.
That's how they run the future. ...
And then he wrote "Brave New World - Revisited" to show you how this
could be made into reality.

And he also said ..., that it would
be very, very possible for a small group of people, very very wealthy
people with scientific background, to control the entire world and the
minds of everyone in the world. That was a possibility he knew way back
then, way back then. And what he said was very similar to what Mr.
Rockefeller said.

Mr. Rockefeller said that the people
would come to him to bring in this new world system. The people would
come to them with perfect docillity because the minds of the public
would be so worked on by mass psychology, perfect psychology .... And
long before he said it, and it's no coincidence they all say the same
things because they all attend the same thinktanks and they all work on
the same agenda;

Aldous Huxley said, a really efficient, totalitarian state would be one
in which the all powerfull executive of political bosses and their army
of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be
cohearced because they love their servitude. 

See, what are you going
through now which are voluntary servitude idea, and all countries
putting this into play Britain is doing it, the state is doing it:
Canada is putting forward a proposal to get all the youth first
involved to get a special indoctrination in ideology to start serving
the world system exact the same stuff as the soviets were brainwashed
into when they were young people. And then Obama even said it will not
stop at that age, they want you to carry on and get older people into
it too. And to carry on serving the world state for as long as it
takes, maybe your whole life. This is how it is done you see...

You think this is all happening now
by chance? And every country puts the same enactment through it at the
same time. ... When you compare for instance, the Department of Defence
for Britain that's the thinktank that put out the 90 pages for the
future with massive riots starting shortly up to the year 2030 over
basic things like food, energy; there will be massive unemployment,
that's seen allover the western world primarily ... they said they
probably have to use small battlefield neutronbombs to disperse
flashcrowds, flashmobs as they call them... This is a planned takedown.
No one at the top lost anything. Nothing.

Remember, you find if you read the old
books of aristocratic Britain, written by the aristocrats. They hated
the middleclasses, but they needed them to manage the system of the
industrial age and also the empirebuilding age; they needed them so
badly but they hated them and wrote about them as like apes immitating
their betters; this is the kind of language they used quite openly in
their own books. The communist system if you look at it, remember, born
in London really, had the same thing that the middleclass would have to
be eradicated. ... So, classes can get built up and destroyed ... Now
it's the time for the lower class to get destroyed, along with that
goes the middle class as well.

The future they planned is more along
the lines of Arthur C. Clark's last book before he died, it was called
"3001". It was first "2001". Be a high Mason of course, he knew that
the New World Order would kick of in all ernestness in 2001 and if you
understand even the book and the movie version, it was not about space
at all; and that's how they write their stuff to each other, you see?..
And then he wrote 2010, that would be the big crunch, it's a big big
change: a new system would be born 2010 and then there would be a lot
of changes going on for almost a 1000 years, until 3010. By then there
would be just one class left. The ones that would be of high scientific
END Alan Watt - September 11 2009

START Alan Watt - September 18 2009
It's a hard thing to come across - REALITY - you certainly will not
find it in mainstream media.
Once you understand how to decipher reality, you can definitely see
where mainstream leads you. That's its job, to lead you in an
concentrated effort along a certain path of thought that really is
designed for you; 

you don't have to do much to go along with it and
those thoughts and opinions become your thoughts and opinions;

everything seems quite natural as they move you from one corral to the
next corral to the next corral. That's how it's done; it's very simple.
Because they are all onboard with the same agenda at the same time.
That's why you have "newsblizzes" where the same controversial topics
are explored across the world just at exact the same time. Is to raise
public awareness as they like to call it, as they condition you to
accept a point of view ...

We are looking at a time now of
incredible changes when the Big Boys and the Eugenics Societies and
Academia and the Sciences etc. are all working together towards this
brave new world, post-industrial where they don't need all of the lower
classes anymore, in fact they don't even need the middle classes.
In fact they are very afraid of middle classes because down through
history, it has always been the middle classes who have lead the charge
for change; that also helped the lower classes. And without the middle
classes doing the charging or leading, unfortunately the lower classes
tend not to do it themselves. Or they fall into the extreme leftwing
and that's designed for them and is ruled by the top from the 
elites anyway. That's a false paradigm.
END Alan Watt - September 18 2009

START Alan Watt - October 05 2009
As I say we are basically bystanders
of our own destiny in a sense. The destiny is kind of pre-written if we
allow the guys at the top to get away with it. But unfortunately, you
see, there is a system on which they count on. And it's the general
population; the bulk of every generation goes along with everything. I
re-watched one of the documentaries that has to do with the experiments
they had on mind control with controled prisoners, the people
volunteered to act as prisoners, others as guards, and before the day
was out, they actually got into the roles and you saw how the guards
started abusing the prisoners, the prisoners litteraly would start
reacting like prisoners, and before 2 or 3 days were out, it was just
like a true prison situation. It was based on the fact that most people
will accept the roles that are given to them. And that's what is all
about: Obedience.

And how obedience will work regardless
of the conditions or the circumstances. Obedience will work with most
people, the majority of people, right down to even, if needed,
executing each other, if they are told to; as long as someone else
takes responsibility, a high authority. It's a sad statement to make,
but it's true. And it's true that the system which is used as a farce
again, it's called democracy, to bring in this New World Order and it
counts on the fact that the majority of the public will go along with
anything that's thrown at them. And that forces the rest to go along.
Thats why they say to you: "What's wrong with you? Everyone has
accepted this, where is your problem? Everyone else has no problem with
it!". That's what is used.</span> That's the only part of democracy that is
genuine. That is the only part they give us. They use the general
population to go along and to force you along as well. Whether it has
to do with innoculations or anything else, it doesn't matter. That's
the basic system which is used.
Look at all of the incredible farcical crisis and crisis creation that
has happened since 2001, kicking of the century of change. And I said
in the beginning: the hardest thing - if you go through this century of
change - will be to hold on to your sanity. Your sanity. Constantly
compare how it was before that, to how things have changed since then.
And you must always listen to the reasons are given, which none of them
really are credible at all!

It's good enough for the broad
majority of the public. They cannot imagine anyone conning them on such
a scale; the big lie. They can understand the small politician or any
politician getting himself to the honeypot and filling his pockets,
"the small lie". But they cannot understand the big lie; no one would
do that. No one would possibly trying to get away with that. And that's
why it works! It's so simplistic in this methodology. 

But, you know, Karl Marx, as I say,
talked about the 3 main trading blocks of the world that would come
together eventually under a super world government. They would all have
a form of a parliament, like a supreme parliament for each block. And
each supreme parliament would be under a United Nations type of
parliament. And we live through so much of this.
You see the EU is a forerunner for the americas, the American Union,
same thing. In fact, it was Marx who said, the second one would be a
United Americas. And as in the process now, even though they pu-pu it
and try to discredit it, their own writtings have it published in so
many different areas, from their meetings at the "Summit of the
Americas" and various other institutions through which they work.

Now the new EU is a form of a
Super-Soviet. It truely is a Super-Soviet, that's how the soviet is
made up of different countries under a supreme command. Literally, if
you were a small country and you belonged to it, you tried to pull out
of it - in came the tanks! That's what is all about. And big moneyboys
and big organisations and foundations have worked tirelessly for well
over a 100 years to make this happen. And nothing is going to stop
them. Nothing will stop them. No pleading, no petition is going to stop
them. No NO-vote is going to stop them, they just come back and back
and back. And those in Europe know what I am talking about, because
each time a country voted NO to even join, they come back again after 6
month of incredible propaganda, mainly from their own government. Your
tax money, and big corporations are telling you: "You are left behind
if you don't join, you are left behind!". Thats all they would say.
People across the world really don't know what it is about. They really
have no idea. Again the general masses, they get the bits from the
media, but not much at all. And they don't think deeply on anything
because - once again - we tend to get brought up thinking "nothing much
concerns us". 
On the one hand, the big problems in life are too big for 
us to imagine and to even think about, comprehend. And on the other
side, we are filled with trivia. And other destractions and little mini
crisis in our own lifes. We are kept in a state of fear, basically.
Even your own personal life: "I am going to loose this job, I am going
to loose this or that.

Because FEAR, even the most studies
having to do with people complying -obedience-, FEAR was essential. An
essential ingredient to the training of people to be obedient: Fear. So
a constant state of fear is beeing used through farcical pandemics,.. </span>
and -mind you- the world health organisation keeps throwing massive
statistics, but never tell you where folks die or what hospital they
are in, just statistics. .. They call it the noble lie. "Is for a noble
cause that we are lying to you". That litterally is what they are
calling it at the top: a "Noble Lie".
END Alan Watt - October 05 2009

START Alan Watt - October 6, 2009
This "New World Order" is nothing really new for the big boys in the
inside; they have published books for an awful long time about the
coming world order. Before World War One they were writing about it,
the big boys, the wealthy ones, "academia" was writing about it about
what kind of society they would bring in. 

The world we are living in, as planned
by an agenda, of course is 'pu-pued' of course by professionals put out
there to 'pu-pu' it, that's their job. In fact it just started up a
professional debunker organisation in Britain, the same group that
started of the great randy, peeking into the "paranormal"; now they had
funding coming in, to go after what they call "Conspiracy Crazies",
trying to get people to accept their accepted view of events as they
unfold. The "political correct" view in other words.

So, there is nothing new in this war.
The war has been going on since the day before we were born, before
your parents or grandparents were born; long before all of them.
A world where you must create total chaos to bring out a new world
order. That means the destruction of all national values, cultural
values, family values and so on. Erradication of them all into rebuild
of society.

A society that can never go back to those old values because they will
be unable to bond with anybody else. Quite simple. If you create
massive promiscuity, especially introduce it very young in school, then
they know -through experimentation-, through private, experimental
schools, like Bertrand Russel ran, that the likelyhood of bonding later
down in life, is very slim, almost NUL alltogether. And therefore there
is no family. And that fits into depopulation-control society. 
END Alan Watt - October 6, 2009

START Alan Watt - MARCH 4, 2010
Just reminding people to use their heads and not to be run by fear.
There is an old saying that if you cannot handle the truth, don't look
for it. And it's very, very true because the truth can be rather harsh
and if you allow yourself to be afraid of it, therauhan it will floor you or
put you into neurosis or a static state where you sit shivering
underneath the kitchentable. That's not where you want to be; don't let
yourself be sidetrackt by people who just scare you and leave it at
that; handle the truth. And if no one sitting at your door right now
and some black government truck or whatever is getting ready to blast
you out of the house, then just don't worry about it. You have been
living this long and this New World Order has been going on before you
were born. 

It was happening before your parents were born. Every part, every
stage is just a part to the next phase. All pre-planned of course,
including the takedown.
But you need to be able to handle the bad news and you don't panic at
the first headlines that come out there; that Obama can shut down the
internet and then you hang out the white flags in front of your
appartments, because it's suddenly all over, you can't type to someone
anymore. What a shame. I wonder what your predecessors would have been
done; there is no plan B, C, D or E. It's just astonishing how people
become addicted to the internet and they cannot figure out any other
way to communicate to each other, if anything should happen.

Bad news will always come along and
the most you can do is take what it's relevant, what is not so relevant
to you and prepare day by day, week by week and so on for yourself and
those that you love basically, to get through bad times. That's the
best you can honestly do. Because we are up against the most organized
system that has ever existed on planet earth. Totally integrated with
each other through academia, through countless
thinktank foundations and organizations, all working with the
and we don't put the government officials into power, the big boys do.
See, democracy never ever existed; there was a great CON while it

And democracy to an extend can give you, while they are using you of
course because people are always used. 
And Charles Galton Darwin was quite
right when he said in his own book: "The people have always been
slaves" - in one form or another. And we are simply creating a more
sophisticated form of slavery: That was democracy with it's taxation.
And during a productive period, where
you are going to build up the economy,
they use your tax money for projects abroad or for wars as they take
over the planet,
they allow you to drive old junk cars with rust in it and so on; the
cops stay off your back during that period. You get your cheap
cigarettes, and your entertainment and nobody bothers you ...
You can live in an old shack somewhere and there is no official to
measure it and saying:
"You can't live there. It's not good for the local surrounding area.
And the plants and the wildlive you can't get them".

It's only after your usefulness is over for that part and they have
completed their mission and they have taken all the industry from you,
they don't need you anymore.
And that's when they say, "my goodness", we need to pull your old junk
car off the road, because there is a hole in there and carbonmonoxide
might get through and here you are, talking to a cop through an open
window: "What is that space there you are talking through?".
And then they crash your car and all the rest of it. And then they
don't want you to smoke anymore, and so on and so on. 

A lot of people do crack up from the
information that gets thrown out at them; and they cannot descern what
is real, what is fake. or what is meant to immobilize you with fear and
terror. You cannot distinguish eventually. 
And it's the same thing too, when you are going to try to fight the
evil that's all around the world. What is real, what is not? Wether you
can do anything about it or not? And you don't allow yourself to be
crushed or panicked by the stuff that is thrown at you at a daily
basis. Remember now: Our perception of things have changed drastically,
since they gave us the internet, again mainly to monitor and
classify all of us in our daily activities. You must be predictable in
a totalitarian society. But the internet also gives you news from all
over the planet. And the world is not changing! You might hear from a
tsunamie here
or an earthquake there: that has always happened down through history.
But when you hear this stuff is coming up at you, oh my god, the world
is collapsing, it's caving in on itself, everything is collapsing,
blah, blah ...

Because you have more access to more data and information then ever
If you were in the middle ages then it would not matter if ten volcanos
went up and 10 pacific island sunk, you would not worry because you
never heard about them. And tody, media makes a big deal out of it,
trying to scare you!
And for a lot of people it works.

People are so easily sidetracked with
really, really purposefully put out there trivia, that sidelines you
off into terrorland.

Now government has counter
intelligence out there. They have their teams that will hack your
computers and so on, but most of their job is in counter intelligence.
And they will leak stuff out there to the public. Some budgets are
there to put out false information under different names and companies
that even don't exist.
And then it is repeated of in mainstream news or some conservative news.
Before you know it's blown out of all proportions, works very well,
everyones mind is collapsing, being crippled with terror and fear.
Always be aware of the data that you allow to come into your brain. YOU
are the guardian of your own brain, nobody else is.
And believe you me, the brain is such an important thing. 

Governments have put billions of dollars into research of how to controll your
brain, from basic psychology through repetition of slogans to using
electromagnetic field and things like that.
I have read the books from Brzesinski that he turned out in the 70's to
do with the technotronic aera and how they would control whole
continents with the emotions and behavior by the use of technotronic
These are the things that have been put out from the top, that are
real, because your money your tax money went into it.

This is a U.S. patent here: January 14, 2003; nervous system can be
manipulated by electromagnetic fields from monitors. The physiological
effect has been observed in a human subject in response to the
stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields or pulses with
certain frequencies near 1.5 to 2.4 Hz such as to excite a sensory
resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes are displaying pulsed
images and pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes can
cause such excitation. 

It is therefore possible to manipulate the
nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby
computer monitor or TV set. For the later, the image pulsing may be
embedded in the program material maybe overlayed by modulating
videostream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. Displayed on
a computer monitor, may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer
program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fiels, capable of
exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects maybe generated, even as
the displayed images are being pulsed with subliminal intensity.

That's one of many of the things that governments have been working on
for an awful long time. And you are ALL stuck staring at that screen
all day long!
That patent I just read, was actually applied for in 2001. As I say,
whatever is applied through the patent office, is generally obsolete
because the big boys in the top much higher up in the military
industrial complex already have that stuff working very effectively.

... apart from that, about 2 years ago I read an article from the
pentagon on it's weaponized form of this technology ... to actually
work the signals of your body to such in a way that your blood vessels
could narrow so quickly, because they can understand the "language" that
can turn on or off your system via the eyes; and they can actually
cause a stroke: it's a pentagon paper release! - So be careful with all
this stuff - be careful to how much time you spend in front of the box
there, wether it's TV or the computers!

... amongst the various intelligence agencies are given complete access
to all your data on a daily basis because they study you. That's just
that! But they are doing other things as well, obviously. Technotronic
warfare, it is called: Technotronic.&lt;br&gt;
Now it's all under the field of neuro science.
END Alan Watt - MARCH 4, 2010

START Alan Watt - MARCH 18, 2010 (536)

... now there is a caller on the line: Johny from British Columbia, Canada. Are you there, Johny?
- "Yes, hi, Alan!"
- "Hi, I am calling from Victoria and what disturbs me most, more then anything else really, is the chemtrails, all the aerosols spraying going on ..."
Is incredible isn't it? It's incredible, I watched it for the last two weeks; I lost my voice three times, you are dead-on. It starts with a blue sky in the morning here, 
because I am on top of a yet-stream here, it loops right here, they dose it heavily so it cuise all the way into Buffalo into New York. So I get a lot of stuff here. And sometimes it's a dozen planes and by the time the afternoon comes, it's just an eggshell mush. So continue ...
- "I looked on the weather channel and it shows a like a sun with no clouds ... and then you know, I leave work today and then my colleagues 'Oh enjoy the sun out there', and I am like 'It's no blue sky out there, it's just hayze. And it's just almost day after day, maybe only a couple of days a month there wan't be any spraying ... my question to you is: What do you think is the main purpose behind the spraying, like I have heard it could be multi-purpose, like weather modification or it could be used - you know - for mind control or like, used to bring our immune system down, what's your ....?"
Oh one thing is for sure - absolutely positive - it will destroy your immune system.
Because these are chemicals and I have had them tested here, when I had the "yellow" rain, that actually gave me yellow rain one day, or for a weekend, it was, and there was barium in it, highly carzinogenic stuff, aluminum oxide, arsenic traces of arsenic too and various other things like that, different metals and compounds.

So that stuff leaches throughout your system, and when you urinate, it takes out alot of your natural electrolytes and chemicals withit, and you become depleted in certain areas. Everyone is completely depleted now in bloodtests where it comes to vitamin D and various other things as well and zinc. Very low in zinc. Zinc is essential for a good health system. Everyone is depleted and I get this from guys in the labs and so on. So that's a fact. They all know this at the top. But it also ties in with weather modification, absolutely. It also ties in with Brzesinsky's mind control technotronic weaponry because you go back to the age of "Teller" with the H-bomb, he represented it to the pentagon, how to spray the skies with barium aluminum oxide to make it more conductive to HAARP technology and they knew that a secondary signal put on top, piggybacking on the main HAARP signal, could actually influence human behavior, can make you very passive or agressive and they tested it out on the people of Maine, there was a law suite came in after alot of destruction went on when they've gotten agressive: they tried the 'agressive' frequency and even domestic animals were biting their masters, cows were gotten crazy and the suicide rate shot up.

So these are facts, these aren't theories or guesses, these are facts. They can be all of those things but it also definitely dumbs us down, if people today don't complain about anything at all, they are walking zombies, and Brzesinsky did talk about that in his own book "The Technotronic Aera", he was up there with the NSA, the head of it at one point, National Security Agency, they deal with all the electronic warfare technology as well as listening devices and he wrote about it in his own book. Bertrand Russell also backed it up, ... use on the public, will come to decisions and will be completely unaware of how they come to them or how their moods are effected. This is in place now. And it's so funny, on one level we have meetings in California recently were scientists talking about geo-engineering in the future and outside the guys are protesting against geo-engineering that is already going on for the last 12 years. So they've already been doing all this stuff. Different levels of reality, even for the professors.
END Alan Watt - MARCH 18, 2010 (536)

START Alan Watt - JULY 09, 2010 (617)

... and if you go into economics, they will admit that the reason the USA prospered, was the lack of 
government interference, and lack of mighty bureaucracies and government agencies overlooking the working people
at the sources and the small businesses. That's why they could take off and prosper.
You did'nt have them coming out to check what you were doing as you manufactured your products and so on.

You did'nt have guys with measuring tapes coming to see how much you should measure your buildings and tax you for.
That didn't count until much later.
And it came much later because they were already into the angloamerican establishment, deciding on a future for 
the 20th century. 
Very wealthy powerful people within the U.S. were already placed strategically, in fact, to run the money system.
They crushed the money system three times in the late 1800s by design, to plunder a lot of those small 
businesses, which they then took over for peanuts, under bankrupcy laws.

And they formed international corporations out of them. If you have 500 engineering shops go under and you buy them over,
you just conglomerate them, you see? - And now you got a big corporation!
And this is going right up to the present day because in the 1800s they decided that this was the way of the future.

That a small elite, with the money-elite already managing the cash system, the cashflow for the good part of the world
at that time, would merge with a scientific elite, and also with academia. 
And the peasant, as always, would remain the peasant. He be kept entertained and he would work and pay taxes. 
And that keeps the government going with it's new ideas to fund their new projects and so on.
Now, we are treated as children. And I have heard people in other countries talking 
about the natives of those countries as children. 
Now "you can't speak to them as ordinary". You see, "they are really children"!
And they boss them around and even kick them around and stuff like that!
And we don't realize that in our own countries, that's what is being done to us. We are talked down to like children!
We simply don't understand the big pictures and the big problems that governments face you see? 
We get babytalk at the bottom or we are told really ... a glossery, superficial ... rundown of what particular thing
it is that's too problematic for us to understand. Leaving us more confused then ever.
And linguistic minimalism is dropping off until people can hardly put a sentence through. 
The youngsters can't do it; which suits the elite perfectly well because 
if you can't explain something in detail, something is complex to do with world governance, 
what kind of governance, how it's run and so on. If you can't put it across, 
then people will just stare at you in confusion. Mind you, 
if you CAN put it across and you are not using linguistic minimalism, 
they still stare at you in confusion, because they still don't understand what you are saying. 
And they have been trained to believe that the media is telling them everything that they should know.
They really do believe that.
Look at the people they call primitives, the ones they call "arested developments", who are really survivalists.
They don't need the world, they don't need what man makes in commerce. They make everything themselves.
They will look up and fight you if you try to take over their land and change them. 
They are natural. They are wild men.
We are supposed to be wild, for survival sake. When we don't do that, we are being domesticated and conquered.
When the government controls the distribution of food, it's power is absolute. That's very important.
That's why a government with its 5 biggest global agrobusinesses are running the world's food supply.
So their power is absolute as long as they can count on the police and armed forces. Of cource it is assured 
that the police and armed forces will be given certain priviliges that only the elites themselves get.
Remember too, you always hire half the poor to kill the other half! They governments also know that too!
The Total Information Network ... has to make sure that the society is predictable. 
Everyone of us must be completely predictable.
And that's why your daily data that you spread over the internet through emails and so on, 
and you chat on phones to your friends... is all being monitored, collected, sorted, automatically by supercomputers.
to keep updated your personal profile to make sure that you have not gone a bit 
odd or strange or outside your patterns of thinking and behavior, 
or changed your social millieu into an unauthorized sector.
That's what it is all about. The world of totalitarianism is here. We have been living through it, growing up our whole lives!
I have read so many articles here over the years to do with their super weaponry and stuff beyond their sound cannons to microwave energy
all for use at home and at the right time right down to the army itselfes own thinktank, specialized thinktank which foresees the future, predicts
bytrends how things are going to go talking about 30 years of rioting across the world.
And we have watched they put their drones up, now they are putting their drones up all over the skies in Canada and the States, 
I have even got photographs of them here. 
... These drones will be used in the U.S. and Canada, there is no doubt about it. 
I have read the articles too with the much smaller drones that they have. Billions they are putting into them. 
Things pretty small the size of birds but they can target you as an individual and kill you - whereever you happened to be...
That's why they are saying: "The scientific dictatorship cannot possibly fail".
The problem - as the communists were well aware of any revolution as it takes years and years and years to plan and work and organize
to get people ready so that instead of having an aimless rubble in the end of something when the big boys let you have it;
I mean by that they bring the hammer down on you. You know all know what you've got to do. 
An organization is utterly important. And that's the only things they are afraid at the top, is massive organization, especially if organization
can get public sympathy and public support and start to get sway with the public that overrides their general daily incredible propaganda.
Because if something DID arise like that, they would be targeted right away they would be called every dirty name and slogan in the book.
Because they could not allow them to gather members. And they would not tolerate it.
And it's interesting what Russel said too, that they wouldn't explain to the other members of society, that's you and me, why they are doing
something, why they are being routhless to a specific crew, an area of people or whatever. They will just do it. 
See they are beyond the stage of giving us excuses anymore. That's part of the training. And you get trained, not to expect excuses along the way.
That's what it is about. 
You know I could go through a 100 different articles put out by the media everyday and it's more distracting to your mind than helping to form concrete
ideas about things. You hear everything from incredible trivia for different classes of people and yet there are classes of people.
And you have little bits of truth putting into other things like the oildesaster in the gulf, little bits of it here and there, 100s of articles about it, of course.
This is all to keep you distracted as well because you never get the real truth about anything.

And all this distraction stops you from keeping your mind on track of where the world is going. 
Bypassing what's churned out by the media, is "churned out" by the media, the authorized media. 
To find out what really is going on in the world by going way off the mainstream topics for the day. To find out what's really happening.
And we are going into this planned scientific New World Order. And they are certainly winning. 
They won, up until now ...!
... these guys have run the last 100 years. And they are afraid of organization, they are afraid of 
people who know their purpose who are not taken off by destructions and who can prepare for the awful times coming.
And people are for the bad times coming; that is something that is good to hear. 
Because the majority of the public will never ever understand what's really happening.
But it has never been the majority of the public that has changed anything at all for their own good either.
It has always been a small minority who have educated themselves who have guided them from going into a further desaster.
And hopefully that's we are all about here.

And people should be planning to get through tough times right now, tough times...
As I say massive taxation is coming down, massive, massive taxation is all scheduled to replace the consumer society by 
fees and taxes. And you are going to be prepared for that; to be as independent as possible, as they will allow you to be because they are
into everything now.
And the time will come when you need licenses to even have a garden; in some countries you already got that.
They don't want you being independent. But don't stop doing it. Don't ever stop doing it. 
What we are going through today, and really, if you are going into the United Nations and all of their 1000s and 1000s of reports from health to everything.
Go into the "Royal Institute for International Affairs" of which Russel was a member, go in to "Chatham House", to see their thinktanks, what they are working
on right now...and even thinktanks working on ways to even get you to accept things you haven't even heard of right now.
They haven't put out yet. Again, it's the technique they use to put things across, most folks believe whatever they are told, and comply.
And really, in the U.S., if anything is to happen at all, it will start there. Because people still have a memory if nothing else, even though the society
is being totally debased by the culture creators, they still have a memory of what freedom is supposed to be, supposed to be.
Ones we forget that, we would not have even anything to refer to. So for those in the U.S., keep up the good work, keep doing what you are doing 
and let it be an example for the rest of the world too, there is not a lot that you can do in Canada. I am afraid they are pretty contend with
being happy slaves. 
END Alan Watt - JULY 09, 2010 (617)

START Alan Watt - July 14 2010 (620)
Things are planned way above politics, in fact most of it comes way above even the top international corporations, although the corporations are definitely above politics; they tell the politicians what to do and politicians in fact have to go as soon as they get into office... 
They go right to specialists in certain areas and these are outside of government areas, these are all private firms like the RAND corporation.
All you have to do is own the RAND corporation and you can influence the world and all the other corporations that deal in specialized areas. That's how the world is really run. And it has been for an awful long time. It's those guys who came up with all the ideas of a global society, what kind of society it would be, how they prepare our minds for the society. And how they would alter the cultures and how you would have basically a multicultural society where no one marries eventually. No one; even with the ethnic groups too, after a generation or so, they don't marry either, they are right into the same system. 
A system, that philosophers talked about for thousands of years. As Plato talked about it too, in hos book "The Republic". The perfectly ordered eugenicly controlled society, where everyone shares all women in common. We now call it "Polymiscuity", but it's here. You didn't think that's what it was, did you?
And the Matrix is this big system in which we are born. And it's pre-existent of course, for every generation. We don't plan it, we are born into it; we are told to adopt and accept it. We are given whatever norms at the time and the culture industry the education system, all these things work together to create a form of reality for us, for our time only because there is always a purpose behind that which they give you. It can be temporary because they have always got another step to go after that and so on, until they end up the ideal society. Very obedient of course society. In the meantime they have demonstrations and groups demanding various things, that's all permited to an extend. And it's really irrelevant because the big boys have never really listened to the crowds anyway. And they are certainly not listening to them today.
And the crowd really think they are going to demand something and get it because they think they believe they are really living in a democracy. They haven't learned yet. They are not in a democracy. The term is a cover. It's always been used as a cover and they are going away with it, awfully well up to this present time. 
Many authors including Quigley talked about the fact that there are parties giving them a "mouthing" of difference. in other words, what comes from their mouth this is what makes you think that this is right wing and this is left wing. And you don't watch what they do. And he says in both parties they are following the identical same road. And that's what we have today. One leaves, one takes over; same thing is carried on as before. What they say is completely different; but it's what they do, that matters, not what they say. 

In 1952, Lord Bernard Russel wrote a book, it's called "The impact of science on society". And he talked about really, how this scientific system or revolution, he called, would come into play. 
Alan Watt - July 14 2010 (620)

START Alan Watt - JULY 15 2010 (621)
Communitarian Law: The Communities that we are all going into, they are already here and you even don't know that yourself. But there are agencies and NGO's set up in your communities, getting money from government funding from the U.N. as well from various other organisations and foundations, to guide the new societies, as we are going downhill you see. That's why they are pulling the economy now, they could keep going another 50 years if they wanted to. The sky is the limit, there is always a fraud. So why burst the bubble now. It is to bring in this.
And then say "Oh, my goodness we have to cut back police forces and so on! There is going to be a lot crime in the areas and what will we do about garbage and taxes and so on..? Well, guess what? You will all go to meetings in your communities and all participate, you see; that's your stake in, being a stake holder, you see?
Now it says here communitarian law is the law regulating all community based government. At the top level it represents the global community,
the middle level represents the regional community, the bottom represents the local community, not to be confused with local government. 

But the real dilemma is this: Communitareanism will also be functioning as a framework for a new type of a global religious belief system, or it will infiltrate current practices of religion. 
Note the fact that communitarianism appears to be able to mimic traditional native tribal community structures and is therefore disceptive and will be readily accepted in large rural agricultural settings in Africa and the Americas.
Communitareanism is also the philosophical, legal theory for global sustainable development. Communitarian supremacy is a moral philosophy, justifying new land and resource regulations under U.N. local agenda 21. You don't need to accept EU style regional government to become communitarians. Yes the EU communitarian system of harmonisation and norms is a model for all the emerging trade unions from the middle east to south africa and south america. ...

Communitarianism enriches experts, stake holders and complient citizens only. Individuals who can think for themselves, "need not apply".
Voters who insist their national and state law reigns supreme in their nations, must be "re-educated" into more "moral, enlightened thinking".
"Our common destiny requires we all share one common purpose". We can forget common sense - is completely "outdated". 
Now, 'Common Purpose' was one massive organisation, set up by the 'Royal Institute for International Affairs'. It brought in members of the european movement that helped set up the integration of Europe. And they went on to form 'Common Purpose' and work with 'Chatham House'. 
They train future leaders to be your leaders in the community. They picked them at school, folks; to make sure they have the right indoctrination.
And the right ability to stick to what they are told, to stick to, have good lying abilities, of course. Be very charming at the same time. In other words, good psychopaths. They have already got them trained, to appear at the right time, for whatever purpose that happens to be. 
And America has it's own version of 'Common Purpose' working steadily all through it's system, so does Canada. And even get local community funding from your councils and your government for this charitable organisation. 
And believe you me, this is what's coming in; this is the system that is coming in. It's already a good part way in and you don't realize it yet. 
With your green police enforcers and your garbage enforcers, and so on. But you will, like George Orwell had in his book '1984', you will have to participate, you will have to attend meetings eventually. And they want to know why you did not attend. "Are you unsociable?"!

... The big idea, the big society: Communitarianism. They are all over the place. All through the Americas, Australia and Europe. 
and one day you will attend, see your children are already getting geared to attend these meetings, when they leave school. And you will be expected to turn up as well. "Wy weren't you there?", you see? "You are anti-social??"!

Saving carbon offset credits for China and India to operate their coal-fired power stations, will require communities across the world to go new ways: Go to your local communitarian meeting and they will tell you what to do. 
Having nationwide electrical grid cut-offs for 12 hours weekly, "Maybe we can all seize some solar panels from the rich neighbor and also seize extra sweaters and share them, when we are freezing in the winter!". 
"And what about that friendly family around the corner? They are desperately in need of a new home. Let's seize that guy's unused property down the road!".
END Alan Watt - JULY 15 2010 (621)

START Alan Watt - July 22, 2010 (626)
They always said too, if you want to change the world, you do it through the female. Nero said it, Hitler said it, and Hitler said:
"The woman wants security and food for her children. She goes for the powerful person. Therefore we will aim our propaganda at the female.
She will come to us for safety and food for her children; the children must follow her. and then must follow the man". 
But it is also true that all the studies even long before Kinsey, the real studies have been proven over and over again. Show that women are far more apt to try change thean men are. And so the thought they would change the world through going for the female. Bernaise said the same thing too. That she would become the purchaser. The guys would die off, very rich widows would have lots of money. And then they would target them, to get them to get the money of them. But also the U.N.O. goes through a strategy of basically emasculating the male in every country. "You have to get the males out of the way, if you want to conquer and rule them!". And they have been given micro-loans, as they call it, for years to women all over Africa and different countries. Just to start-up their businesses, giving them computers. Canada had a big ralley for used computers, only for women, though. The men have to be left on the sidelines, until women no longer want to look at them because the men will still be poor you see? And women will be looking for better things. 
And if you look at all the countries that were ex-soviets. The women are all fleeing those countries to get men abroad, because they were taught
coming out through school, because of priority hiring even during the soviet aera, that the men were nothing, they were no good, they were the fault for all the world's previous problems. And they were marying everybody outside their countries; selling themselves really. The newspapers are full of them even yet. That's what they do. And that's what they want to do in Africa and elsewhere. So that they can conquer them, and the men will stand up for nothing when they have nothing to stand up for. This is warfare tactics. Do you understand? Warfare tactics!
.. in large parts of the western world, Britain is said to be the flagship, the sharply rising numbers of babies with foreign born mothers came despite an overall fall in births. You see the overall fall in births happens because the native born people can't even get someone to marry or mate with; and they don't want children because it has been drummed into them. Charles Galton Darwin was right. They rather would like to have a sports car or a washing mashine.

So the only ones who are coming in who are immigrants who haven't had that indoctrination, they are happy to have children, naturally.
Something that they used to have in those countries that are falling apart.

... the U.N. has said that China is the model for the world to copy. That's what they like, they like an obedient population working for peanuts in factories all day, locked in; and obeying their superiors and obeying their own type of polit buero. Obedience is very important to these freaks at the top. 
END Alan Watt - July 22, 2010 (626)

START Alan Watt - July 23, 2010 (627)
..under the Royal Institute for International Affairs charter they say they will not pull out of countries until they have stabilized the country and set up the identical british system in that country. Then they withdraw. That's what they did with India by the way and Carol Quigley talked all about that process. It's the same now in all the countries that they go into!
... I watched programs where they bring in the World Health Organization (WHO), and UNESCO into the countries they conquer, or into so called primitive tribes who have never seen people before. And they are always there to help people, to help them. And sure enough they got their shots and all the rest of it; their IQ drops, they get easier to manage and before you know they are conquered and dependend on this system, whereas before they were totally independent, they didn't need money, for instance. They got their own food for themselfes, they built their own huts, a way they lived for thousands of years.
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START Alan Watt - July 28, 2010 (630)
people don't realize whats's being happening, the media never makes a big deal out of anything,
and they keep us really in a LaLa-Land. They give us the politics nonsense of left wing - right wing..., you are supposed to think, this is ONE man, who is making things go bad for you. And they have done it with one president or prime minister one after another. It makes no difference who they are. They are just frontmen. And even those frontmen will only know and be told what their part in this whole world agenda is. And no more. It is always on a need-to-know basis.
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START Alan Watt - July 29, 2010 (631)
...and UNESCO's job of course is not only to make a standardized education across the world, a 'socialized' education, but it is also to raise the future community leaders by ... placing them in public regimes. This has been ongoing way to do things since the World War II. 

... the soviets went so far as to lock people up as mentally ill if they wanted to retain individuality and make their own opinions on society in which they were living. They called it "Inflexibility of Opinion". That was a mental disorder in the soviet system, and it shortly will be here too. Because we have all to get our psychiatric assesments every so often under the new system.
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Alan Watt, audio, July 30, 2012

"So, you are really in a managed society, they know exactly, where they are taking the whole world, and all the experts tell you how to behave.
That's also PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING, because you are programmed to expect things, which they tell...
you about.
So, we are living in a planned society.
The people would come "TO LOVE THEIR SERVITUDE" according to Julian Huxley.
That is actually happening today, because there is so much entertainment, as we are brought down into austerity (austerity = poverty), so it doesn't seem so bad.
It's a unique thing to have so much entertainment, as we are brought down, otherwise there would be massive riots.
Of course they do expect riots, but not in the same context, with EVERYONE rioting.
Always the first ones at the bottom do riot first, when welfare is being cut back.
Expenses of course go up all the time in all classes, but the first ones do feel it the hardest.
And governments are well organized to deal with it way ahead of time.
Nothing happens by chance on a world scale. Because it's planned that way."

END Alan Watt, audio, July 30, 2012

Alan Watt, August 2, 2012

... "Your culture is given to you, generation by generation.
science controls your behaviour and makes you think you are free at the same time.
You are living through a planned society, planned by people who give you world wars as well.
These wars are also to alter society.
"Quigley" said it gets more done in 5 years of war than 50 years of peace & propaganda.
War is always used; that is why they are using the "war on terror" that is projected to go on forever.
Massive changes until the "UTOPIA" for the few, while the rest of us, who will become sterile, is going to die off quickly.

Now, the system you are living in, has been planned for well over a 100 years;
in fact Britain brought in free trade for their own colonies in the 1840ies
and the group that came out of that, eventually called themselves "The Royal Institute of International Affairs".
They wanted world wars; they got them; and they hoped the puplic would be on their knees after the wars, give up sovereignty and 
become part of the United Nations. It didn't went so well by the end of WWII, so they decided to take the long road, the "Fabian Technique",
of course THEY RUN the "Fabian society".

So you are well indoctrinated for what you are going to expect from life including your behaviour by schooling and along with the "culture industry" generation by generation; 
Until we are all pretty well degenerate; We don't even know it cause everyone else is too.
When you are degenerate, you are dysfunctional, meaning, your survival capabilities have gone. FOR LOTS OF FUN, like never before.
Populations in 1st world countries are decreasing cause we are all "nudged" to just go and have fun & a "meaningful" future.

You only think you understand what's going on.
In Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" from the 1930s, technology has been given to the public only so much as it enabled the alpha-guys to monitor them.
Not enemies overseas so much but their own populations at home.
Because the number one rule of government is to protect and maintain itself, regardless of what the public wants.

"Morality" is what the governing elite defines for you at the right time, that suites themselves.
There is a natural morality of course, but you will not find it today, as "primitive" tribes are wiped out from the face of the earth as the years go by. 
As well, they are wiping out the last cultures of the MIDDLE East.
THEY are THE good shepherds, and we are the sheep. 
They do plan this scientific future, massive cost for everything, energy, taxes, fees: they use populations, so they won't loose cash that way.
That's what they mean by AUSTERITY, and we are going into it via a worldwide program.
In the meantime they are having wars across the world, to finish off the last countries of opposition, that don't have the central banking system and have a different system altogether. 
That's what they are doing, standardising the world and of course, plundering the resources of those countries while they are at it.
Under various guises of helping people and saving lives, they slaughter more than anybody else, because these guys have been behind world wars; they planned them in the past, to get the changes through ..."

End Alan Watt, August 2, 2012

Alan Watt, September 18, 2012

"You are living in a DILLUSION: It works, because everyone got the same indoctrination as yourself.
Government has never been there, to serve YOU!
You are run by GANGS. GANGS have always existed. 
And the GANGS have guys with university degrees working for them.
They know how to run the system in the world - and YOU.
It truly is a BIG system. An old system, that is designed to CON every generation into an idea, called "DEMOCRACY". You are taught to believe in it.
Do you really believe, you have rights? 
What dreamland have you been living in clearly since September 11, 2001...?

In the 1800s we had the top bankers on the planet, international moneylenders from across Europe, mainly from Germany, came in to Britain, got titles such as "lords" and "sirs"; 
and they formed the "Lord Milner Group", and they attached themselves to the "Rothschild" group and other groups as well. 
And then they became the "Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIA)", a private organization, that designs the course of history for this world destination of globalism and with themselves and all academia to manage it.
They actually created wars and define how they are necessary to bring in change. DIRECTED CHANGE.
Before World War 1, RIA members issued publications to get war with Germany. 
Even though most of them were german decendents, or in the 2nd, 3rd generation living in Britain.
And they created the "Council on Foreign Relations" for other countries who wouldn't like the idea of something "royal", "Royal Charter", etc. 
And they have this organisation operating all across the world now, even in China, Australia, New Zealand, India, everywhere; picking and putting in their own Prime Ministers and Presidents.
And those countries have been doing this, according to Carrol Quigley, for a 100 years and continuing.
Carroll Quigley wrote the book "The Anglo-American Establishment"
( http://www.voltairenet.org/IMG/pdf/Quigley_Anglo_American_Establishment.pdf )
In his book, the reader should not get confused with places. It's not "THE BRITISH"; its's not "THE AMERICANS". THIS only tends to obfuscate the people who are doing this, and who are already international!
And their old books they talked actually about a "Pan-American Union", which is still in the process of forming, and a Pan-European Union".
It didn't go too well, even after 2 World Wars they brought on, and so they established the
Common Market idea; has all to do with "free trade" as well in the americas.
40 years of teaching false history in schools enables the media now to revive old terms as new, such as PAN-european, etc. ..."

END, Alan Watt, September 18, 2012